Which TMT bar is best for house construction?

TMT bars or Thermomechanical treatment bars get their name from the process which is used in its manufacturing. This process results in the production of steel bars that have high strength reinforcement and are ideal for use in the construction of residential houses.

These high reinforcement strength TMT bars also possess several other properties such as:

  • high tensile strength
  • high ductile inner core
  • high percentage of elongation

Owing to all these properties TMT steel bars have better strength and longer durability when it comes to housing and residential constructions, including high-rise housing apartment buildings with multiple floors.

Especially when it comes to building housing apartment buildings in areas with regular or high seismic activity, these TMT rebars are ideal for construction. As these bars do not have any defects or surface cracks they are better at resisting the stress caused by regular or high-intensity seismic activity. Hence any housing construction built using these bars tends to be much safer when earthquakes or seismic shocks are experienced.

Both Fe 500 and Fe 500D are types of TMT steel bars as per the IS: 1786 and they are ideal for use in the construction of housing apartment buildings.

Fe 500 and Fe 500D have the same 0.2 percent proof stress/yield stress(Min) whereas the tensile strength is increased by 2 percent in Fe500D. Tensile strength(Min) for Fe 500 is 545 MPa and for Fe 500D it is 565 MPa.

Fe 500D has enhanced specified minimum percentage elongation i.e 16% whereas Fe 500 has a value of 12%.

Therefore it is clear the elongation of the TMT bars and the strength of the rods on applying tension/force is higher in the D variant of the rods. These enhanced mechanical properties of the D grades TMT bars allow much higher resistance of the bars which is a very useful property in imparting a greater degree of safety to housing structures.

Higher ductility imparts high seismic-resistance making it ideal construction in earthquake zones 3, 4 & 5. It guarantees elongation well above 16 %.

Best TMT bar company for housing construction

There are many companies that provide quality steel bars but if we have to choose one specific name, we will go with Tata Steels.


  • Firstly, it is readily available in all locations throughout the country.
  • Secondly is has been widely recognized in it’s endeavor to produce high quality steel.

Some of the major recognition of TATA Steels are as follows:

  • 7-time winner of Prime Minister’s Trophy for excellence in the performance of Integrated Steel Plants
  • 7-time winner of Quality awards by The Indian Institute of Metals & 2-time winner of National sustainability award by Indian Institute of Metals
  • Tata Steel wins TIME’s best in class for manufacturing award
  • Tata Steel wins the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2015
  • The Ministry of Steel awards Tata Steel Limited with the Prime Minister’s Trophy for its achievements in 2010-11
  • Tata Steel has received the ‘2015 World’s Most Ethical Company’ Award
  • Tata Steel conferred with 15th Annual Green-tech Environment Award

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