Difference Between Fe500 and Fe500D TMT rods

Thermo Mechanical Treatment (also known as TMT) bars are steel bars that are ideal for constructing residential and high-rise constructions. This is because their mode of preparation gives them higher strength reinforcement and high tensile strength. Packed with an extremely ductile inner core that gives them more durability, these TMT rods possess a high percentage of elongation.

If you are constructing a high-rise residential complex with multiple floors and require more durability and a long-lasting design, choose Fe500D TMT bars. The best 500D TMT steel rods not only offer better flexibility but also give architects the freedom to play with the structure’s aesthetic design. Read on to know more about TMT bars and why they are the ideal option for constructing residential complexes.

What are Fe500D bars? Why are they called so?

The “Fe” in Fe500D stands for Iron, which is the material these bars are made of. The figure “500” in Fe500 and Fe500D represents the minimum yield stress of the steel bars. Finally, the D implies ductility and the percentage of elongation of the bars.

Higher ductility means higher percentages of elongation, which makes the bars better for big projects.
Both Fe500 and Fe500D are of IS: 1786 which makes them ideal for the construction of housing apartment buildings. Both these bars have 0.2% minimum yield stress/proof stress, although Fe500D bars have 2% higher tensile strength.

So, what sets these bars apart from other TMT bars of varying properties and grades?

What makes Fe500D TMT bars different?

As mentioned, these rebars are very flexible and are perfect for designing modern homes. Furthermore, their high tensile strength and durability ensure that structures remain stable even in areas of high seismic activity. They possess no surface cracks or defects, which makes them the best choice for resisting high levels of stress. Opt for TMT bars with high ductility if you are signing up for a project in a place with high chances of natural disasters and moisture.

Their resistance to high-intensity seismic activity is exemplary and their ability to withstand strong pressures and stress makes them unique. They have an enhanced minimum percentage of elongation (16%) which makes them better than Fe500 bars. They also have enhanced mechanical properties that are well-balanced owing to their chemical composition.

If your structure is near a sewage line or some area prone to release moisture, choose these TMT bars.

Choose higher resistance for more safety

The enhanced mechanical properties of Fe500D TMT bars permit them more resistance which subsequently imparts more safety to housing structures. Owing to their high resistance and ductility, they are ideal for earthquake zones 3, 4, and 5. They are ideal for apartments, flyovers, bridges, railway lines, airports, highways, hospitals, concrete roads, and places that a large number of people visit frequently on a daily basis.

By investing in nothing but the best 500D TMT steel rods for these major projects, you can ensure that your structure will last long and accommodate many people. Furthermore, you can guarantee complete protection, rust and earthquake resistance, moisture resistance, and various other advantages.

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